How It Works

How Does it Work?

The program delivers daily messages over a six month period designed to make you increasingly more capable and comfortable in managing your diabetes.  There are three messages each day that help you build knowledge and behaviors around important topics such as:

  • blood glucose and how to monitor it
  • medications and how to use them effectively
  • healthy eating and exercise, with tips on how to make both a regular part of your life
  • heart health, how it relates to diabetes and what you can do about it
  • and possible complications, what to watch out for and how to manage against them

There are also reminders, quizzes and challenges each week to help reinforce and put your knowledge and skills to use.  You can choose the times of day that are best for you to receive scheduled messages, and you can even add daily personal reminders to take specific medications at specific times, check your blood glucose, or engage in whatever exercise or physical activity works best for you.

You can also text in special keywords to get help when and where you need it with mood, motivation, or if you feel yourself struggling.  There are also keywords for tips to help you make healthier choices when you are shopping for groceries or eating out.  You can also just send in a text of your own anytime you have a question or concern.

It’s like having your own personal health coach in your pocket 24/7!

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